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How iCARE started:

What is iCARE?

“>“iCARE is a wonderful way for children to gain the information they need to understand that all people are different.  These differences are not scary or reason for concern.  The iCARE program helps children to understand what we all have in common, no matter our differences.  All children need to be respected, loved, and allowed to develop to be the best person they can be. iCARE does this.”  -Bonnie Galvin, Third Grade Teacher

With an eye toward an inclusive school community, Special Needs students are frequently integrated into “typical” classrooms – along with typical children who naturally, have many questions. The i CARE program was created in order to help answer some of these questions – often before they are ever asked.

“iCARE” or Introducing Children to Acceptance through Reading and Education is one such program that works proactively within the Mansfield school system to help explain why some classmates might be different than others.

iCARE utilizes storytime to create a friendly, safe environment where thoughtful questions can be asked and answered. To facilitate classroom discussion, reading volunteers go through an orientation process and are provided with story-specific question and answer cards relating to each book.

Kim Piro has personally researched and approved all of the reading material for the iCARE program. Topics may range from general differences to more specific disabilities including autism and Down’s Syndrome. Parents and reading volunteers often suggest new titles for consideration and once approved, these titles are quickly added to our ever expanding iCARE library.

Our program has been very well received by both students and faculty alike and is gaining tremendous momentum. Currently, 37 schools in Massachusetts and 12 other states use the iCARE program as part of their curriculum.


The iCARE program is free to all school districts. Read testimonials from teachers and volunteers who have participated in this effort.

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