Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteers

Q. How do I begin a reading?

Introduce yourself and the iCARE program.  Let them know that iCARE stands for Introducing Children to Acceptance thru Reading and Education.  Make sure they know what acceptance means before starting the story and let them know that there will be a short discussion afterward about the story, acceptance and questions will be answered.

Q: Should I hold all questions to the end of the story?

That is a personal decision made by the volunteer.  It’s easier sometimes to read the story all the way through first so it isn’t being interrupted…but it really is up to the reader.

Q: How do I facilitate the conversation after the reading?

Focus on the character in the book and you will find suggested discussion questions that have been provided in each of the books.

Q. What if a student relates the story to someone they know and asks about another specific student in the classroom or another classroom?

Redirect the student back to the story.  Explain that we are not here today to talk about anyone other than the character in the book and if that child has a question it should be related to the character, not someone he/she personally knows.

Q. What if there are no questions and no discussion after the story is read?

I feel that the story itself has taught these students something they may not have known prior to the reading.  We need to emphasize acceptance of all students – no matter what their differences are.  If that is the only message we relay then we have done a great job.  Not all discussions are long or are in depth.  No doubt the children heard the message and will follow through.

 If you have any additional questions, please contact us today.