Testimonials of the iCARE Program

“The iCARE program has provided education and modeling for students as early as kindergarten around acceptance and friendship. It has encouraged students to support each other.” 

Bernadette M. Conroy, Director of Special Education, Mansfield Public Schools

I am honored to support the iCARE Program as a part of the Mansfield Public Schools. Having been a special education teacher in Mansfield and now as the Special Education Director I have experienced the impact it has had on this community over many years.

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“I believe that children in Mansfield have developed respect, tolerance, and acceptance and I attribute this to what they learn year after year.”

Christine Dumouchel, iCARE Volunteer

I have been a volunteer reader with the iCARE Program for many years.  I think my favorite part of the program is in knowing that it was founded for Jamie, an amazing young lady, who has touched so many young students in our Mansfield School district. We are privileged to know Jamie and Kim and their family personally and are impressed by what they have accomplished in these past 11 years, educating typical children about children with disabilities.

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“The kids who have participated in the ICARE classroom activities use that experience to become peer leaders.”

Dave and Joyce McDonnell, iCARE Supporters

The iCARE program has had a profoundly positive impact on our autistic daughter’s experience within the Mansfield public school system. From her earliest kindergarten years right through to high school, she has had the widespread support, encouragement and friendship of her classmates who were among the first students to benefit from the iCARE program’s stories and open classroom discussions about the challenges faced by their peers with disabilities.

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“Together we are affirming our desire to have everyone feel included, accepted and respected.”

Bonnie Galvin, Third Grade Teacher at Jordan/Jackson Elementary

I am so happy to support “I CARE”. This is a wonderful program that helps every child at Jordan Jackson. When I was in school, children with challenges were not included in the school. I remember feeling nervous when I met someone who had different challenges, not understanding why they were different, nor understanding how much we had in common. Luckily for our children today, this attitude is not allowed.

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“iCARE is a program directed towards students without special needs. This program provides an opportunity for children to ask their questions and then once educated, they are better able to support all of their peers.”

Freddi Faye Salden, EdS, Learning Specialist, Easton Public Schools

Both of my children were a part of iCARE, and I loved what I saw as a parent. I think the fact that the readings took place each year enhanced learning and understanding over time. My own children were very at ease with their peers who looked or acted differently, and I attributed this to the iCARE readings.  As a teacher I loved how the program was managed and carried out by trained parents. In addition, I appreciated that this program utilized excellent children’s literature and was not an add-on.  It took the slot of silent reading or bullying prevention. Finally, I had the opportunity to help bring the program to a neighboring town where I teach. It was very well received by students, parents, teachers and administrators.

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