Storytime Questions in the iCARE Program

Frequently asked questions heard from children in the iCARE Program:

1.  Can I catch it?

2.  Will the person always have this special need or will they grow out of it?

3.  Were they born like this?

4.  Does the disability physically hurt?

5.  Who will help this child?

6.  Why does he/she leave the classroom and where do they go?

7.  What caused the disability?

8.  Why do they do ____________?

9.  Can this child play like we play (sports, dance, etc) ?

Questions iCARE Volunteers can ask the children:

1.  How are children different?

2.  How are children alike?

3.  How do you play with someone who can’t do what you can do (like someone who can’t see or can’t walk)?

4.  How do you feel when someone in your classroom can’t talk to you the way you talk to them?

5.  How can you make this child feel included?

If you are uncomfortable facilitating any of the questions above, please contact us today and we can help.